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Exciting, electrifying and engaging fun—that’s what our classes are known for. They are so much more than high octane music or choreographed movements. It’s where you build camaraderie and new friendships with people who have similar goals, passions and enthusiasm. 

Our Instructors are the best in the Midwest. All F+F instructors have completed rigorous training to provide a safe, fun and balanced workout. Our bodies are made to move and adapt.  Our minds crave challenges. Classes with us do both. Get moving and sign up for a class today.



Welcome to the gun show...

A primarily strength based format that dabbles with some cardio. This class can be a mixture of interval training, tabata timers, rotating circuits and more! This class is certain to make you feel the burn and is even more certain to make walking up the stairs a little difficult the next day.

A combination of movements, weights, and proper form will help you build muscle and sculpt that bod!


Bring variety to your routine, keep your mind and body on its toes, and expect the unexpected.


Train like an athlete! This class will help increase performance and agility by targeting big muscle groups, activating the core, and chiseling your body from head to toe! 30 or 45 min (GYM SHOES ARE REQUIRED)

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